CBPCoinBus is a Certified Bitcoin Merchant consulting group for the Las Vegas and surrounding areas. We can help you understand this new technology and help you can integrate it into your business to increase your competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

Bitcoin is Money 2.0 – a redefinition of money transmittal and store of value, written from the ground up, based on our current understanding of Internet technologies and known problems with traditional monetary systems. It is a technology that will force everyone to rethink what money is and how it can be used on a global scale by individuals and companies alike.

Bitcoin is an emerging technology with properties, and implications society has yet to define and understand. CoinBus would like to help you understand this new money system, help you innovate new uses, and help you securely use and store your Bitcoins.

We strongly believe this technology will change the world in unforeseen and positives ways. We believe it so much, that we are willing to offer 5 hours of free Bitcoin training and consulting to any local merchants willing to embrace this new frontier in Internet commerce.